Missing in Action

If there’s anyone out there who follows this blog, I’m sure you’re disappointed by the long gaps between my verbal visits to cyberspace.  I guess it’s safe to say that I am, quite literally, “missing in action.”  I am “missing” from the blogosphere because I am reading until my eyeballs hurt, which seems like a form of “action,” doesn’t it?

Let me be clear: this is not a complaint.  On the contrary, reading season—yes, admissions folk enjoy five seasons per year—is my favorite part of the admissions cycle.  As a former colleague once said, it’s the work of the work.  And I love it.

Reading Season is the time when all the planning and talking and traveling and recruiting come to fruition.  Each file on my desk represents a story to be told, a new person to meet.  And I like people so I like this part of the job, even if the “people” are paper-based (for now).  Of course, Tufts offered a “video essay” option this year (you can check them out on You Tube) so every once in a while the paper yields to a real kid who’s dancing or chatting or juggling on my computer screen, and that’s been an unexpected treat.  But mostly I read. 

My 19 colleagues and I are reading our way through 15,435 applications, the third-largest pool in Tufts’ history.  So pardon us, or at least me, if a blog or two slips out of date.  Our fingers are busy documenting each file and assessing its merits.  We’ll be missing in action for several more weeks: our friends and family will miss us, our eye doctors will scold us, and paper cuts will torment us.  (And I hope you’ve never experienced the searing pain of a paper cut inflicted by a manila-folder!)

If you’re not an admission officer, there’s nothing quite like Reading Season, although I suppose an accountant feels a similar, endless sprint as April 15 approaches.  Reading Season can best be described as 12 straight weeks of final exams. (Why did you groan?)  And as the Class of 2014 takes shape, we’re MIA. 

Stay tuned.  See you in April?


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One response to “Missing in Action

  1. Hi Dean,
    I know you are MIA, but am so inspired by your comments in the Boston Globe and NYT articles about Tuft’s YouTube video essays, I had to reach out to you.

    If you need a few minutes break in between reading apps…check out this college coach’s blog about MyCollegei.

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