Fourteen Facts About ’14

Tomorrow is D Day.  That would be “D” as in “Decision.”

Tufts will release admission decisions tomorrow afternoon and, with that click of a button, our next freshman class will be 30 days away from completion.   Tufts received 15,437 applications for the 1,275 spots in the Class of 2014, and 24.5 percent of them will receive happy news tomorrow.  (For what it’s worth, that represents our lowest acceptance rate since 2001.) 

As we close out another admissions cycle, here are 14 fun stats about ’14:

1,767 > Number of high schools (from all 50 states, DC, Puerto Rico and 63 countries) represented in the accepted class

431 > Number of accepted students for whom English is a second language

1,821 > Number of applications received on January 1, 2010 (such procrastination…)

22,585 > Percentage increase since 1997 (you were 5…) in the number of applicants with an e-mail address

250 > Percentage increase from last year in the number of applicants from Zimbabwe

9,223,320 > Cumulative SAT-Math score for the applicant pool

1, 2, 3 > Rank order of Michael, Sarah & Alexander as the most common first names among applicants

 56 > Percentage of admitted students who attend a public high school

 144 > Number of applicants from the Southern Hemisphere

 1, 2, 3 > Rank order of Lee, Kim and Chen as the most common last names in the applicant pool

475 > Number of accepted students from California

352 > Number of accepted students who will be the first in their families to attend college

41 > Number of accepted students from China

15 > Number of days the Admissions Committee was in session during March.  Pounds of snacks consumed during those 15 days?  Too many to admit…



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7 responses to “Fourteen Facts About ’14

  1. Tim

    Yay! I’ve been waiting for this post for a long time. Do you plan to release decisions at a specific time tomorrow or just sometime in the afternoon? Thanks!

  2. Sarah

    Thanks for some humor!

  3. Sarah

    The second Sarah to reply with the second most popular name. Way to be original mom and dad!

  4. steve galbraith

    So, I’m just a dopey liberal arts guy but if one were to divide the cum math score of 9,223,320 by the number of applicants 15,437 it only comes out to 597…probably in my zip code of achivement but not of this much more impressive class of 2014. Where am I off?

  5. Taylor

    Not everyone takes the SAT…

  6. Ann

    So happy to be one of the 1275!

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