The First 14 for ’14

For added poetic symmetry, I suppose I should post this blog tomorrow (that would be the 14th) but I’m trying to pick up the pace on my blogging velocity (my web team sounds like my mother checking on my homework, if you catch my drift…) so here it is, a day “early.”  If I need a 14 to make this work, it is 14 days since we released decisions.  (Is that called rationalization?)

So far, 75 students have deposited since we released Regular Decision outcomes and the pace is quickening as mid-April approaches.  I was a history major but I like numbers, and the sometimes unexpected stories they tell, so I thought it would be interesting to take a peek at the first 14 enrollees this spring. 

I’m not sure if it means anything but here’s what I discovered:

  • The first new (potential) Jumbo joined our Facebook group four minutes after we released decisions at 3 p.m. on March 31 (so fast!), and the very first deposit arrived on April 1. (We’re assuming it was not an April Fools prank.)
  • The first nine enrollees are women; three are named Sarah.  Remember, that’s the 2nd-most popular name among accepted students so the crowd of gals named Sarah shows early signs of making a run at the top spot in the enrolled class.  The Michaels better get a move on, as they say, if they hope to retain their top perch.
  • Five are Americans of color and two are international students (from Hong Kong and Nigeria, in case you’re curious). 
  • Six live in Massachusetts.
  • All 14 joined the School of Arts & Sciences.  The first engineer was #15 (so close!).  The group includes three pre-meds, two pairs of bio and econ majors, and single shots at architectural studies, psychology, classics, anthropology, peace & justice studies, Russian and chemistry.  That’s a nice academic rainbow. 
  • Twelve submitted an optional essay as part of their Supplement but none were You Tubers. 
  • Three posted an 800 on the SAT-Writing, one aced the Critical Reading section and another achieved perfection on the Math portion.  (So did the engineer but I can’t talk about #15 until next year so forget I mentioned him.)
  • Two are recruited athletes (sailing and field hockey, both women).

Only 698 to go and the Class of 2014 will be filled!



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4 responses to “The First 14 for ’14

  1. Sue Salem

    Great to have your blog return — I enjoy reading the inside view of admissions. It seems as if there’s poetry in the seasonal symmetry of school admissions. Dark depths of winter emerging into new life of spring?

    This was my first year as a TAAP interviewer. I loved contributing back to Tufts in this way as I think I got as much out of the process as the students. They open my eyes to the world in new ways. I wanted to thank whoever wrote the TAAP interview guidelines as they gave an excellent framework for guiding our conversations. Along those lines, I got a thank you note last night from one newly admitted student that I wanted to share: “… thank you–both for your congratulations and for giving me a chance to express myself sincerely in January. Looking back on all of my college interviews, I can say with certainty that our conversation was the best of them–in large part because it actually felt like a conversation, rather than a strained recitation of prefabricated talking points. With most interviewers, I would not (and did not) dare to mention something as unimpressive on the surface as my interest in video games. You, however, seemed entirely open to the merit of that interest, in spite of the medium’s lack of cultural prestige…”

    Congratulations to the entire admissions committee for making it to spring once again.

  2. Uh, what of your EDers–what are they chopped liver?? LOL.

  3. Ann

    My deposit shall arrive soon! 🙂

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